About us

What we do

Mazand Choob Aria (MCA) Co. was established 20 years ago under brand name Ansari Trading in Wood Industry. it owns one of the most modern Sawmill in Russia called OOO PARSA (Located at Kotlas-Arkhangelsk) with monthly production of 4 to 5 m3 of any type of soft wood appearing the market under trading name MM (variety of Russian boards). Having studied how to improve national wood industry for several years, MCA signed a contract for purchasing superior and exclusive Finland thermowood technology for the first time in the history of Iran. In early 2017, the factory assembled and setup the said production line by Finnish specialists. It should be stated that from the very beginning, all raw materials were harvested, graded and supplied from the best trees in Tyga woods, and the special thermos wood is supplied with the best machinery and greatest cutting techniques in order to be sent to the factory. The production line consists of the world latest technology and the total system works automatically and smartly. Based on the wood type (soft and hard wood), various sizes of wood with different density are processed, produced and presented to the market with the best quality for multiple uses (e.g facade, walls, sauna, floor, pool area, Jacuzzi, landscaping and pergola, column, door and window). Being the first and only Iranian member in International Thermowood Association (ITWA) ascertains the above facts about MCA. In fact, such an honor for our land, Iran, defeats those who try present our products adversely. Moreover, our yearly production capacity of more than 19000ms reveals this company is able to supply total national demands and parts of regional ones.