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What is Thermowood?

Thermowood, the final product of wood Thermo modification, dated back to 2000 BC when it had broadly introduced to the market. During this process, timber is heat treated with a low degree of oxygen and cell walls are thermally modified.
Destruction of cell walls (mainly hemicelluloses) and molecular reorganization (mainly lignin) causes less moisture absorption and less swelling up to 50%. The result is appropriated dimensional stability and more durability than unfinished wood in various climates. Besides, thermos process causes more wood resistance against woody fugus. However, mechanical features of thermwood are reduced as a result some wooden substances sublimation, and it should be noticed when Thermowood works.

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The manufacturing and use of both softwood and hardwood species، such as pine، spruce، birch، and aspen، has produced highly positive results.

Although evidence from long-term experience of the use of thermowood is not yet available، tests have shown that the materials resistance to decay is far superior to that of untreated softwoods and equal that of many tropical hardwoods. In addition، good dimensional stability increases he woods life span. The service life can be affected by many factors other than resistance to decay-such as the level of maintenance، especially for the surface treatment، and general wear and tear.
Following the guidelines presented in this handbook should also assist in lengthening the life expectancy of the product.

Although there are no specific guarantees for the product، tests conducted by several independent research institutes have shown consistently positive results where durability is concerned.

The durability of thermowood is based on the changes in chemical compounds in the wood.
Woods hemicellulose (sugar compound) is degraded، leaving no nutritive matter for fungi.

No chemicals additives are used in the thermowood production process. Only energy and steam are required. Hence، thermowood can be utilized/discarded like normal wood after its life span is complete.
Results have shown that even in ground contact thermowood does not decay. However، when constantly immersed in water or making soil contact، it loses its strength properties due to certain chemical reactions. The mechanisms are yet unknown، and further research is needed. This is why it is recommended that thermowood not be used in continuous direct contact with moist soil.

Thermowood can be used outdoors without surface treatment، but this will lead to greying and shaking of the surface، as with normal wood. The type of surface treatment desired varies with the end use application. Products that require the original thermowood appearance should be treated with transparent paint containing some brown pigment.

Tests have shown that there are no harmful emissions from thermowood، but the smell might not be appreciate by everyone.

If surface treatment is applied to a product made of thermowood، the smell will disappear and not return. If thermowood is used without surface treatment، the smell will gradually dissipate until reaching a level where it is no longer noticed except when smelled from a very close distance.

Practical experience has shown that gluing of thermowood is possible with all adhesive types. If water-based adhesives، such as PVAc adhesive، are used، the decreased water absorption capacity of thermowood must be taken into account where drying time is concerned.
In the case of PVAc in particular، the adhesive manufacturer specific instructions for the product and its use with thermowood must always be followed.

So far، most of the strength tests have been carried out with small، defect-free test pieces. Further testing is required with larger test pieces and with varying numbers of knots and different knot types. Due to insufficient information، we recommend that thermowood not be used structurally for load-bearing purposes for the time being.
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primitive Materials

Trees with usually board and coarse leaves that fall in autumn، and some species are also always green. Hard woods a solid texture and beautiful stitches that are common in the furniture industry and interior decoration. Of hard wood types include walnut، oak، beech and ash.

Ash wood is hard wood that it is resistant with thermowood technology and suitable for all outdoor environments and open spaces and exterior views.
The role of the color of this wood is very eye-catching and beautiful after the paintwork on the veins of this wood.

Resistant and evergreen trees with petiole-shaped leaves with wood texture fine and coarse than that of hard woods.
Varieties of soft wood can also be cedar، pine and spruce.

Pine wood of the best-quality types of pine family trees that you will find in regions such as Scandinavia and Russia.
Pine wood is more resistant to rotting due to the presence of gum and resin from other soft wood.
Beautiful texture and style of timber and the abundant growth of these trees
in clod forests has led it of ideally produce processed products such as thermowood.
Pine wood is reddish-yellow light that after the thermowood operation، it becomes brown in color.

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Thermowood must be stored in a dry place. Cold warehouse are among the suitable locations. the poduct should be carefully covered or stored in a covered warehouse.
The packages should be stored horizontally with a sufficient number of supports under the package to prevent the lowest boards from distortion.the packages must be stored so they do not touch the ground

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Thermowood market in Iran

Iranian thermowood products have been well known all over the world since for 2 years. MCA started thermowood production in 2017 in Iran and for the time being, it is the only Iranian producer of standard thermowood as per principles of Finland International Thermowood Association.
Therefore, the following facts in regard with thermowood production in Iran should be explained for customers and purchasers.
In 2017, thermowood production line was set up on Iran with the latest world technology based on prinicples of Finland ITWA through mutual investment of MCA and JARTEK, a Finnish Leading Company in the field of thermowood industry.
The reasons for our achievement in this industry were MCA competency in setting up the site and supplying the raw materials from the best and most qualified Pine woods in Russia. Our 20-year experience in harvesting, cutting and drying the wood with modern devices in Parsa Co. factory located in Arkhangelsk-Russia allows us to meet our requirements as simply as possible. Having considered availability of all required conditions to set up thermowood production line, JARTEK Co. appointed its technical and engineering team in Iran to execute the project within a few months.
In early 2017, the foresaid production line was set up in Iran with fully automatic production mechanism and process and no human international. All production steps and control chamber plan are performed under monitoring of Finnish ITWA in order to achieve the highest rate of control specialists passed the whole professional courses under the theoretical and technical instruction of ITWA experts and our thermowood specialty lab was set up, MCA is competent in commenting on various thermowood. Unfortunately some importing companies give technical and quality comments on thermowood products, while they have no specialty labs or even experienced specialists in this respect. As a result of setting up the production line, MCA simply delivers 3000ms thermowood per day to its customers regardless of current market situations for import and export and fluctuating exchange rate. On the other hand, thermowood importing companies are by no means able to supply demands of local market. Even those who are active very limitedly face with disrupted market situations and exchange rate which doesn’t allow them to compete in sales market. It leads them to supply their customers’ wood demands through MCA. However, some active companies in this field breach the good faith principle and sell MCA thermowood products under Finland thermowood for much higher price. Since there is no apparent way to distinguish MCA and Finnish thermowood, we are obliged to advise all esteemed customers to contact our representatives and/or our head office sales division in order to be informed of the product origin, real price and etc, and avoid any possible cheating by such individuals. We hope to gain your confidence and fulfil your selectivity. Finally, enclosed you can find all permissions and standard certificated for thermowood production and membership/representative letters from Finland ITWA.

Fake thermowood in Iranian market

Concerning currency fluctuation within current years and difficulties in importing goods such as thermowood, the price of this product has increased 2 to 3 times more. Even, most sellers, quote the price in foreign currency and the only company who quotes the price in Rials and with reasonable rate is MCA Company. Unfortunately some profiteers take the opportunity of existing conditions and present wooden products as thermowood in the market, whereas such products are in some rural plants (mostly north of Iran) by burning two ends of ordinary wood and then painting and polishing them. The unexperienced customers are attracted to competitive price of such fake products and purchase them, being unaware of the fact that after a short while all physical and apparent defects and deformation will occur. This is an exact case of fraudulence which can be traced through legal authorities.
Some active companies in this field have also imported fake thermowood products from Eastern Europe (Ukraine and Estonia) and try to compete MCA in view of Finnish thermowood pricing.
There are some companies that announce harvested woods from Finland are of highest and distinctive features. While, Finland used to be a part of Russia and now is its neighbor. There are identical plants and jungles in both countries.
All esteemed purchasers are requested to contact our sales experts in MCA for making sure of thermowood products quality and even for visiting production line of MCA. We hope to be trustworthy and fulfil your selectivity.
The broad usage of wooden products, particularly thermowood caused local producers to make some processed products with non-standard methods. Such productions are not thermowood at all and it is completely wrong and forbidden to use the term “Thermowood” for such items. Thermowood production has a process and mechanism defined and executed by Finland ITWA, and is allowed only by ITWA technology. Importing thermowood products from various countries such as Estonia and Eastern Europe by some companies with unqualified features and low price as well as wrong nonstandard processing method has caused dissatisfaction among customers. Such a concerns and distrust has made us draw the readers’ kind attention to the following facts.
Regarding the quality of processed products the only standard for thermowood belongs to Finland ITWA at present. All subscribed representatives and producers of this association are capable of producing and supplying qualified standard products as regulations of this organization. In 2017, MazandChoob Arya (MCA) Company achieved this honor and obtained all necessary permissions and certificates for thermowood production. The name of MCA Co. as legal member and representative of ITWA can be observed in ITWA site. Therefore, customers concerns about our authenticity can be resolved at the time of purchasing.
Our wood resource for thermowood production is supplied from Russia with 25% of world wood resources being exported to most European countries, North Africa, China, Middle East and Iran. In the meantime, some companies announce than Finnish wood has the highest quality in world, and make profit. However, we should be aware of the fact that Finland was once a part of Russia not very long ago and plants of this 2 neighboring countries are completely the same. MCA has 20 years of experience in wood industry. it owns a wood harvesting and exploiting factory with the best and most advanced machinery in Arkhangelsk-Russia. This factory applies the latest techniques for wood cutting and drying kilns for Pine, Spruce. The wood is dispatched to MCA factory in Iran for production of highly qualified thermowood with Finland latest technology. All required means for optimal usage of processed wood, from wood exploitation to final product production, are provided by MCA.

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